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Property visit for Media Photography & Videography. Also we will provide deep market analysis and valuation.


We have several Marketing channels including our website. We have also international listings.

Client Viewing

Our agent will help in your property viewing for better deal closer.


We will provide a professional buyer consultation until the property handover.


   Our Property Evaluation Process

How an Our agent sees property matters a lot. Our estate agent works differently, as they know a buyer's mindset. They also know how a buyer will react after visiting a property. At times, We give a value of property in just one visit. We have cracked the code for you if you also sell your property via our estate agents. We will make you explore all the factors you must consider before taking our services. Keep on reading to know more about property valuation.  


This is one of the most important factors that most estate agents notice. The better the facilities are, the more the value of the property. The facilities can be anything from children's playgrounds to a common gym for all the residents. It is important for estate agents and people looking to buy or sell their properties. If you have good facilities in your property, it will automatically increase its value in the market. 

   Condition and design

Your property's current state and design will play a big role in how much it is ultimately valued. The need of repairs and condition of the house reflects the valuation. On the other hand, if your property is well-maintained and stylish, it is more likely to achieve a higher price. Moreover, buyers and estate agents look closely for repairs that may be required, as this can significantly lower the value of your home. 


The location of your property is also crucial for valuation. If your home is situated in a desirable neighborhood with good schools and amenities nearby. Proximity to public transport links and major highways is also often considered. The location of your property must also link to famous landmarks and parks. 


Yes, a well-conditioned kitchen is a leading factor. Modern kitchens are in demand; if you see it from a buyer's or agent's perspective, a good kitchen gives a good property value. At times, properties are also bought for investment purposes, and a well-built kitchen with modern solutions is a plus.

Pro tip: If you have a traditional kitchen, update it before selling your property.  


Have you ever modified your property? If yes, bravo!

An estate agent will value your property based on the modification. Moreover, if you have any certificate or permission for the conservatory, make sure to let the estate agent know. Even if your property is not expanded, the document will fulfill the requirement. Pro Tip: Agents are smart, and this is their work. Do not play any games in the calculation of the square feet.  

We Love Dubai , We Know Dubai

   Paperwork and Documentation

This is one of the most important steps. Take this step as a major element, as no property can be sold without paperwork and documentation.

Time for real questions:

    Do you have your proper property license?

    Have you got all the approvals, including the approvals from Dubai Land Department?

    Do you have the sale and title deed?

    Do you have all the clearance and verifications?

    Is your builder certificate in place?

Moreover, property and tax slips are also extremely crucial and must be present at the time of property valuation. Pending paperwork is exhausting, and no agent would like to offer their services; if the paperwork of the property is not complete.

Pro Tip: Transparency in paperwork is the key to increasing your property's value.  

   Storage area

Trust me; everyone loves an extra storage option. Consider storage space as a bonus, as it increases the value of your property. An estate agent will also evaluate your property as a good value if you have extra space. Not to mention, a number of bathrooms and bedrooms are exclusive. A property with extra storage has its own benefits, and one cannot deny the fact that; properties with extra area sell fast.

Yes, you will be judged based on your storage area.  


We all dress when we are going out, right? In a similar manner, ensure that your house is properly done before inviting an estate agent. Yes, aesthetics matters a lot. Make sure that the house is properly cleaned. If you are living on the same property, detail matters the most. There should be no clutter. Most importantly, REPAIR THE WALL PEELINGS (if any). The vibe of the house also matters. Any issue can go against the property value. Your house must be welcoming enough to give a good feeling to the estate agent.  


Okay, this seems as if this is not important. But, this is crucial. This factor either makes the deal or breaks it. See, working professionals are very logical, and they do not like to spend a lot on traveling. If your property is well-connected to public transport, it can serve as a bonus. Having a public transport option near a house is a highly attractive factor, and one cannot deny the importance of transportation.



The size of your property will obviously impact its value. Larger homes will typically sell for more than smaller ones, all other things being equal. However, the layout of your home is also important. For example, a well-designed open-plan kitchen/living area is often more appealing to buyers than separate rooms. 


Having a well-decorated garden automatically increases the value of the property. Before inviting your estate agent for a visit, make sure that your garden is aesthetically decorated. The buyers are attracted to the garden, and we all love greenery, don't we? Moreover, the garden increases the area and leads to a higher value.  


   Wrapping up the home

Valuation of a house is a task! An important thing to remember, do not to get your house valued by a lot of agents, as it disturbs the image of the property. Make sure to find an agent that you trust. Do not hire someone randomly; make sure to have a proper connection. Selling a property is exhausting, but you need to keep your calm. A home inspection is stressful, but we would recommend you to look all good! Moreover, make sure to understand the above factor before getting your property valued. Lastly, keep your documents in place and verified from Dubai Land Department.

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