MBR City, The Dubai's Premier Smart and Sustainable city with Burj Khalifa Skyline


MBR City, also known as Mohammed Bin Rashid City, is a visionary development in Dubai that aims to be a smart and sustainable urban center. With the iconic Burj Khalifa skyline as its backdrop, MBR City is set to redefine modern living in the heart of Dubai.

What makes MBR City unique?

MBR City stands out for its innovative approach to urban planning and design. It integrates cutting-edge technology, sustainable practices, and luxurious amenities to create a truly modern and vibrant community.

Smart features of MBR City

With a focus on smart technology, MBR City incorporates features like smart homes, energy-efficient buildings, and advanced infrastructure for a seamless living experience. Residents can enjoy the convenience of smart transportation systems, digital services, and sustainable energy solutions.

Sustainability at the core

MBR City is committed to sustainability, with green spaces, eco-friendly buildings, and renewable energy sources at its core. The city aims to reduce its carbon footprint, conserve resources, and promote a healthy environment for residents and visitors alike.

Luxury living with a view

One of the highlights of MBR City is its stunning skyline views, with the iconic Burj Khalifa towering in the background. Residents can enjoy a luxurious lifestyle with world-class amenities, high-end shopping, fine dining, and entertainment options right at their doorstep.

The future of urban living

MBR City represents the future of urban living, where technology, sustainability, and luxury converge to create a truly unique and dynamic community. With its prime location, smart features, and commitment to sustainability, MBR City is set to become Dubai's premier destination for residents and visitors alike.



Located in the heart of Dubai, Mohammed Bin Rashid City (MBR City) stands as a testament to innovation, sustainability, and luxury. This sprawling development is not just a city within a city, but a vision of the future brought to life.

What makes MBR City unique?

MBR City is designed to be a smart city, utilizing cutting-edge technology to enhance the quality of life for its residents. From smart transportation systems to energy-efficient buildings, every aspect of MBR City is geared towards sustainability.

How does MBR City integrate with the Burj Khalifa skyline?

One of the most striking features of MBR City is its seamless integration with the iconic Burj Khalifa skyline. The city's architecture is carefully planned to complement the world's tallest building, creating a harmonious blend of modernity and tradition.

What amenities can residents expect in MBR City?

Residents of MBR City can enjoy a wide range of amenities, including lush green spaces, state-of-the-art fitness centers, and world-class shopping and dining options. The city is designed to cater to every need, ensuring that residents can live, work, and play without ever having to leave.

With its commitment to sustainability, innovation, and luxury, MBR City is truly a one-of-a-kind urban oasis in the heart of Dubai. Experience the future of city living at MBR City.


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