The ultimate guide to top residential communities in Dubai 

Dubai, The City of Opportunities 

Dubai is full of opportunity and excitement. Whether you have a townhouse or waterfront luxury property, there is always something to do in this bustling city.

Fortunes were made and lost during the global pandemic. But, one thing stood tall; no high wave could diminish real estate transactions in Dubai. As per the statistics, the real estate sector of Dubai has broken the record of transactions in the first quarter of 2022. The overall increase is around 85% as compared to 2020. Dubai Land Department sources confirmed that around 2509 transactions had been recorded, particularly in the first week of September.

Dubai is a global city; you can live, love, and work simultaneously. At the same time, Dubai is also known to be the most convenient place for business. The best part about business activities in Dubai is the relaxation of taxation. Whether you are an investor or looking for a family-friendly residential community in Dubai, you must read about the top residential communities in Dubai.  


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1. Dubai Marina Residential Housing Community.

Dubai Marina is one of the most sought-after residential communities in Dubai. The man-made canal city offers a unique lifestyle unmatched in the region. Dubai Marina has everything from its luxurious apartments and villas to its plethora of world-class amenities.

The community is home to some of the best schools in the city, making it the perfect place to raise a family. Life in Dubai is fancy, especially since this city has a lot to offer its residents.

Dubai Marina is truly a one-of-a-kind community that offers its residents the best of everything. Dubai Marina is the perfect place if you're looking for a luxurious lifestyle in an unbeatable location. 

   Get Residence Visa Permit 

When you purchase a property in Dubai , you can facilitate the option of getting a residence visa in Dubai based on you investments: 

  • When investing in property buy from 270 000 $ , then you will be eligible for a 6 months residence visa permit. 

  • When investing in property buy from 200 000 $ + 2700 $ minimum monthly income, then you will be eligible for a 3 years residence visa permit. 

  • When investing in property buy from 1360 000 $, then you will be eligible for a 5 years residence visa permit. 

2. Arabian Ranches Gated Community, Dubai 

Living in an Arabian Ranches gated community has its perks. You enjoy the scenic views of the desert and access world-class amenities and a tight-knit community that makes you feel at home.

Regarding security, you can rest assured knowing that safety is always the top priority of this community. Their state-of-the-art security system ensures that only authorized personnel can access the community. Properties in Dubai continue to be in high demand because of the offerings of the communities.

And speaking of amenities, Arabian Ranches has everything one needs to live a comfortable life. They have everything from golf courses and tennis courts to swimming pools and fitness centers.

If you're looking for a place to call home that offers both luxury and comfort, look no further than Arabian Ranches.  

   Invest in Dubai Properties 

Dubai is full of investments opportunities and Real Estate is one major sector invest in: 

  • We will Guide to Area by Area Investment Analysis and the potential growth over the years and risk assessments. 

  • We will provide full After Purchase Services in Real Estate such as Marketing & Listing, Photography & Videography Buying Consultation , Clients Viewing  and more. 

  • We can provide range of opportunities analysis in Reselling your Property, Renting for long periods , Renting for Shorty Periods, Holiday homes Services and Sourcing Clients for you to fulfil these opportunities.  

  • We can provide in house renovation services.

3. Bluewater's Island Community, Dubai 

Bluewater's Island Community is a lively residential community in the heart of Dubai. The community is home to various shops, restaurants, leisure facilities, and a range of schools and healthcare facilities. Bluewater's Island Community offers residents a safe and secure environment to live and work. The community is well connected to the rest of Dubai, with various public transport options available. Bluewater's Island Community is an ideal place to live and work in Dubai.

Bluewater's Island Community is a great place to call home in Dubai. 

   Why Choosing Us

  • In-Depth Market Analysis

  • Risk Analysis

  • One Consultant, All Real Estate Needs

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  • Business Opportunities in Dubai

  • Business Opportunities in Abu Dhabi

4. Port De La MerIsland Community, Dubai 

Port De La Mer is one of Dubai's most luxurious and exclusive residential developments. Located on the iconic man-made island of Jumeirah, this unique development offers residents a unique and unrivaled lifestyle.

Over 1,000 luxury apartments spread across eight distinct buildings, Port De La Mer offers its residents a world-class lifestyle with access to five-star amenities and facilities. Each building in the development has been designed by leading international architects and offers a unique living experience.

Port De La Mer is home to a range of luxury amenities, including a private beach club, two outdoor pools, a state-of-the-art fitness center, a spa, and a selection of restaurants and cafes. The development also offers easy access to the Jumeirah Beach Walk, which provides residents with stunning views of the Arabian Gulf.

Residents of Port De La Mer can enjoy a wide range of activities and attractions within the development itself or explore the wider Dubai region. Life in Dubai is fast-paced and constantly evolving.

With its convenient location, world-class amenities, and luxurious living experience, Port De La Mer is the perfect place to live. 

5. Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) Community, Dubai 

Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) is one of the renowned residential communities in Dubai. There are several academically competent and international schools in the area and hospitals and clinics. The community is also home to many retail outlets and restaurants.

Jumeirah Beach Residence is the perfect place to call home in Dubai. From international schools to retail outlets and restaurants, there is something for everyone in the community. 

6. The Palm Jumeirah Community, Dubai 

The Palm Jumeirah is also a popular tourist destination, with many visitors coming to experience its unique architecture and atmosphere.

The Palm Jumeirah was created using a process called land reclamation. This involves creating new land by adding material to an existing body of water. The material used to create the Palm Jumeirah was dredged from the sea floor and then placed onto the existing coastline.

The Palm Jumeirah is also home to beautiful residential properties in Dubai. These properties are located in the trunk, fronds, and crescent of the Palm Jumeirah. The community comprises people from different ethnicities who have chosen to live on this man-made island for its unique atmosphere and architecture. 

7. Sobha Hartland Community, Dubai 

Sobha Hartland is a residential community in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The community offers a variety of amenities and facilities for residents, including schools, hospitals, shopping centers, and parks. The most respected and renowned Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City is the home of this neighborhood. With spacious apartments, premium homes, large open areas, and peaceful greenery settings, it's a great location to call home. The nightlife of Dubai is also within easy reach, making it the perfect place to live for those who want the best of both worlds. Sobha Hartland is the perfect place for you if you're looking for a residential community that offers peace, along with plenty of amenities and things to do. 

8. Damac Hills Housing Community, Dubai 

Damac Hills is the perfect place to call home. This residential housing community offers residents a wide variety of amenities and activities to enjoy. From world-class shopping and dining to exciting entertainment and leisure options, Damac Hills offers a lot of exciting adventures. Damac Hills is conveniently located just minutes from some of Dubai’s most popular attractions. Whether you want to enjoy a day at the beach or explore the city’s vibrant nightlife, you’ll be able to do it all when you live at Damac Hills.


In a wrap:   

Introducing new visa policies and new visa reforms has opened the door to multiple opportunities. And now that you know about the best residential communities in Dubai, it's time to start looking for your perfect home. A community is right for you, whether you're looking for a family-friendly neighborhood or a more luxurious lifestyle. 

If you're still unsure which neighborhood is best for you, why not look at our services? Our expertise in real estate can help you find the perfect home in Dubai, regardless of your budget or lifestyle. We are sure you will not regret taking a guide on real estate in Dubai! Contact us today to get started!      

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Yes , as property consultants , we will provide a 360 degree financing consultation to buy your property and we have a range of financial proposals to select from. We will also help you in: 

  • Fastest Approvals
  • Exclusive Rates and Terms
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What Mortgage Type available for me ? 

Mortgage loans have various types, mainly differing on interest rates and their calculations. 
  • Fixed Rate Mortgages
A fixed interest rate from the beginning to the end of the loan term. This solution is easier for you to plan and make your payments.

  • Variable Rate Mortgage
a Variable interest rate and is always changing. It follows the interest rate as regulated by Emirates Interbank Offered Rate (EIBOR). Here, you don’t know how much interest you will have to pay in your next Equated Monthly Installment (EMI), But it can be useful also as sometimes rates can become very low from time to time.

  • Discounted Rate Mortgage
This provide you with highly attractive mortgage rates, but they are offered on limited time. After that period, a higher interest rate is applicable to the principal amount. If you choose to pay off the loan within the discounted period, you will save a lot of money in terms of total interest to be paid.

  • Capped Mortgage 
An adjustable-rate mortgage. This follows the Emirates Interbank Offered Rate (EIBOR) rate as the basis for interest calculations, but there is an upper limit set for the interest rate. As a benefit, You can always be aware of the maximum Equated Monthly Installment (EMI) you will pay and manage accordingly.

  • Offset Mortgage 
You can benefit of changing the principal amounts, which impacts the interest rates and Equated Monthly Installment (EMI), if you deposit a certain amount of money to the lender bank, the outstanding principal amount will reduce accordingly. There are also no barriers to draw that amount, allowing a lot of freedom and control.

What are the requirements to issue a Mortgage ? 

Within the UAE, financial institutions adhere to a specific criterion which are:

    Credit history

    Length of employment in UAE

    Time spent within the UAE (Usually from 6 to 12 months)

    Total business period in UAE (Usually 3 years)

What are the Fees during my property purchase? 

  • Land Department Fees = 4% Property Value + 580 AED
  • Property Registration Fees = 4000 AED for over than 500,000 AED + 5% VAT
  • Mortgage registration fee = 0.25% of the mortgage loan 
  • Evaluation Fees = (2500-3500) + 5% VAT
  • Commission for real estate.
  • What is the maximum Mortgage period in UAE ? 

    25 Years for nationals and residents and 15 years for non residents.

    What is the Mortgage Financial Cap ? 

    Up to 85% of the property value for UAE nationals and 80% for the expats.

    What is the salary terms to issue a Mortgage ?

    The minimum salary from 10,000 AED for UAE nationals and 15,000 AED for expats. 

    How much Mortgage amount eligibility ? 

     Not more than 25% or 28% of the income is required to pay the Equated Monthly Installment (EMI). 

    Do the Mortgage include utilities payments  ? 


      Is there an option to rent to own ? 

      Yes, but limited. 

      What are the T & C for Mortgage Loan

      The mortgage agreements and processes are monitored by the Government and must comply with the laws. The Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) requires a set of documents and other particular for registration of the mortgage agreement. You can check the procedure and requirements for RERA Registration Unregistered contracts will be considered null and void. The applicant must fulfil all the conditions for eligibility set by the government of UAE. RERA registrations require a non-refundable fee of AED 1000.

      Can you provide Mortgage Preapproval ? 

      For individuals who are looking to purchase a home within the UAE, it is essential to get prior mortgage approval. We can help you to find out. 

      Does property value affects the down payments?

      If a person buys their first property which is under AED 5 million, the minimum down payment they will need to pay is 20%. If a non-national buys a property over AED 5 million, the minimum down payment is 30%.     For a second, third and any more properties of any price, the down payment is at least 40%. If the property is off-plan or under construction, the down payment will be 50% of the purchase price of the property.

      If you want a zero down payment home loan in Dubai, then rent to own property may be a good fit for you.

      What is the Mortgage loan maximum I can get ? 

      Typically, though, for a property purchase price under AED 5 million, the maximum loan-to-value ratio for foreign nationals is 80% and for UAE nationals is 85%. For properties valued at over AED 5 million, the loan to value ratio decreases to a maximum of 70% for expats and 75% for nationals.

      What are the documents to have Mortgage loan ?

      • Identification documents (passport) 
      • Proof of your individual/legal residence in Dubai.
      • Evidence of your individual residential address.
      • Documents required for proving that you have a good credit history (bank statements, proof of income, tax returns and employment letter) 
      •  Documents required for proving mortgage affordability.

      How much Mortgage loan cost fees ? 

       Bank fees including the property valuation fees, processing fees, and insurance registration fees. The mortgage registration fee which is 0.25% of the total value of your approved mortgage. Mortgage life insurance, which will have a varying costs depending on the type of property and mortgage.